Year of redemption? Year of cessation more like it! Both are idiots!

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Feb 9·edited Feb 9

The problem with the pap shots of Driving Ms. Crazy is that it was raining on the 6th and Montecito was under a flood and debris flow warning following 3 days of torrential rain and high wind.

Here's what Montecito streets looked like on the 6th:


Here's Michael Snyder's weather summary for Feb 3-6.


No way those pap photos of dry streets and clean shiny cars were taken this week. Millions of Californians hunked down following weather reports as the storm battered the state...SoCal was devastated....who does Ms. Crazy think she's fooling?

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Yes. Plus landslides. No way was there this much traffic. Roads were impassable

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You’re not wrong!

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